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I graduated from Raymond and Tirza Martin High School in May 1988. Months later, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served four honorable years from October 1988 to September 1992. Please visit my Military Page to see deployments, training, awards and more.

After my years of service in the Armed Forces, I looked to new horizons and in 1992 arrived in Houston.  Continuing my calling for public service, I was hired with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in November 1993. I attended the University of Houston - Basic Peace Officer Academy. Upon graduation in March 1995, I was Commissioned as a Texas Peace Officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  My duties as a Deputy Sheriff included:  Detention Bureau, Patrol Division and Investigator.  My investigations with the Sheriff’s Office include the following: An Officer Involved Shooting, Family Disturbances, Major/Minor Traffic Accidents, Drugs, Controlled Substances, Theft, Burglary, Sexual Assaults and other crimes.

In June 2013, I joined the Harris County Attorney’s Office as a Senior Investigator. My duties include Administrative, Civil and Criminal Investigations. These investigations involve: Abuse and Exploitation of Senior Citizens, Children’s Protective Services (CPS), Healthcare Fraud, Immigration Fraud and Public Health Infectious Disease cases. 

Academic Memberships:
The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
The Honors Society

Educational background:
Currently enrolled in the University of Houston – Downtown pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree in Criminal Justice
Houston Community College – Associate in Applied Science (Law Enforcement) - High Honors
Raymond and Tirza Martin High School – High School Diploma

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Licenses:
Master Peace Officer License
Advanced Peace Officer License
Intermediate Peace Officer License
Basic Peace Officer License
University of Houston (Downtown) Basic Peace Officer’s Academy
Numerous other TCOLE certifications